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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of aluminum?
Aluminum garage doors offer the advantage of being lighter and therefore tend to have an easier installation and overall less wear on the opening mechanism. In the long run, great savings can be made on maintenance costs since the mechanism will last longer and will lower repair cost. Aluminum is also recyclable.



How do I know if the garage door is well balanced?
You should be able to easily lift the overhead garage door open with one hand, regardless of its size and the material it is made of. If your garage door is harder to open, the springs are no longer counterbalancing the door properly, and you should repair your overhead garage door.
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Is it better to open and close the door manually, or electrically?
In all cases, it is best to equip the door with an electric garage door operator. There are basically two categories of such operators: trolley (central) and jackshaft (wall-mounted). If you choose to manually open and close your overhead garage door, ask for a chain hoist when the height of the door exceeds 12 ft. (3660 mm).



How much does the installation of a garage door cost?
Garage Door Installation costs depend on the intricacy of the project, on headroom, on whether there will be an electric motor or not, as well as on other aspects particular to the installation or repair of the garage door. Foothills Garage Door Company offers the best garage door installation and repair in Colorado!

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